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Our mission is to improve your employees health care experience by eliminating confusion, guiding them and their family members through the maze of health care and building long-term relationships with our patients. By doing this, we reduce health care costs … without sacrificing quality.

Together, we can create a healthier workplace for you and your employees. Ridgeview Community Network representatives will partner with you and your broker on benefit design, member enrollment, plan performance and more. We also:

  • Identify and manage high-risk and/or high-cost members
  • Provide onboarding support to orient members to Ridgeview Community Network providers, services and benefits
  • Connect members to care providers, prevention and wellness services
  • Actively work to engage members who aren’t currently participating in health promotion and prevention

Allow us to help you by helping your employees. Call 952-442-7860.

Community Network has
been a good fit for our employees
and their dependents. Employer groups
should consider Ridgeview Community
Network ACO as they are truly focused on
improving the patient experience, health
of our population and overall cost
of health care.”

– Dr. Joel Wiggins,

Crown College