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Ridgeview Community Network is focused on eliminating confusion and guiding members through the maze of health care and saving time for the member.

We are committed to improving the member experience, their health and managing costs for both the employee and the employer by:

  • Partnering with providers to manage health risk, coordinate care and reduce variations in care.
  • Managing medical expenses through network efficiencies that improve clinical outcomes.
  • Leveraging claims data and analytics to identify and engage members at the appropriate time.
  • Provide personal outreach and ongoing communication with members
  • Offer consultative partnership with brokers and clients.

We will partner with you and your client on benefit design, member enrollment, plan performance and more.

“As a network partner, Lakeview shares in the commitment to coordinate care with all RCN providers to deliver a seamless health care experience for your employees and family members.”

– Bob Wilcox, CEO, Lakeview Clinics, Ltd.