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“Our Ridgeview Community Network Navigator has worked directly with our Administration and personally assists our employees and their family members. By ensuring employees remain in network, they realize the benefits of care coordination, not to mention saving on out-of-pocket expense! She is happy to come to clinic sites or other locations, meet one-to-one with employees who may have questions due to complex health care needs, and is dedicated to finding answers and resources for each individual need.”

- Bob Wilcox, CEO, Lakeview Clinics, Ltd.

“Ridgeview Community Network provides services to help find providers in my network and to determine anticipated cost of services. I connected with a Network Navigator and received detailed information almost immediately. As health care continues to get more complex, having this service available to help me make wise health care decisions is a great benefit.”

- C.H.

“I requested assistance with the Ridgeview Community Network on an insurance issue and it was painless. The Network Navigator is efficient, professional and truly an asset with this service!”

- B.H.

“It’s a value added to the Ridgeview Community Network to have a network navigator. A go-to person who can advocate and empower you by providing information and guidance through the maze of health insurance.”

- P.H.